An Insight Into Life in the Punting Industry

We’re not sure who the author of this Facebook page is but it’s clear that they have some insight into and experience of the punting industry in Cambridge:

For most visitors to Cambridge, their experience of punting is fleeting, perhaps they have booked in advance, perhaps they get touted in the street. They spend a bit of time on the river, they might spend more time waiting (if they decided to go on a busy day, like most people do). Then, they’re done, that’s punting ticked off their bucket list and on to the next thing.

For Cambridge residents, who potentially have to put up with being touted on a regular basis, despite walking past the same touts on a daily basis/clearly being on their lunch break/carrying shopping bags/some other fairly obvious signal that they are not interested in going punting, the experience is less joyful and altogether more painful.

However, spare a thought for the plight of those same touts plying their trade in the depths of winter (yes, it happens):

There’s a lot more on the Facebook page and it looks like the author might be writing a book (yes, an actual, real book with words and stuff). We look forward to reading it. Whoever you are sir (or madam), we salute you!


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